Massage therapy helps in manipulating the soft tissue of the body making the muscles feel relaxed. It also helps in relieving stress, breaking down knotted muscles, reducing pain, toning the body and improving sleep. 

Full body massage

As the name suggests, this is a massage that targets the full body from the neck to the lower limbs. One hour is recommended for this treatment to ensure there is time to focus on every muscle in the body. This treatment helps eliminate muscle stiffness allowing you to relax, aids sleep, and also helps to reduce muscle ache and improve posture by enhancing the flexibility of the muscles.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage involves stronger pressure with slower movements which aids in breaking down knots and scar tissue. It also helps release tension deep within the muscles causing muscle strains. When there is scar tissue, there will be pain which can cause the injured area to inflame as a response to the injury. Deep tissue massage is focused on connective tissues rather than superficial muscles. 

Swedish massage

Swedish Massage improves overall health by energising the body. It involves a lot of kneading, percussion, tapping, vibration and rolling movements on the skin. Swedish massage is focused mainly on relaxation and improving blood circulation. 

Remedial massage

Remedial massage focuses on injured areas rather than the entire body. It is used to treat muscles that are damaged, knotted or strained.

Joint mobilisation

Joint mobilisation is a gentle treatment compared to manipulation of joints (‘cracking’). The joints are mobilised in a slow rhythm which gives pain relief and improved range of motion in that joint being treated. Joint mobilisation has been found to be particularly beneficial for frozen shoulders. 

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