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Shockwave Therapy

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Woman receiving sports massage

Sports Massage

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Our process

1. Consultation

Your practitioner will first start by discussing with you about your injury to find out about the history, present condition, what aggravates the pain, and what you are doing to reduce the pain. Previous medical history, medication and questions about your lifestyle will be discussed if relevant. In some cases, your practitioner may need to refer you to our imaging partner for an x-ray.

2. Physical examination

A physical examination will be conducted where the practitioner will observe and physically inspect the injury and area of complaint to check for temperature, swelling, and tenderness. This will be achieved by conducting special tests, testing muscle strength, and checking mobility. At this point your condition will be clinically diagnosed.

3. Treatment plan formulation

A treatment plan consisting of a series of one hour sessions will be tailored to your personal needs.

4. Treatment

Depending on the type of treatment plan devised, you will receive a combination of treatments, advice and exercise prescriptions. Your practitioner will track and advise you on your progress after each session.